Who Are We?

For over 30 years, companies owned by Ruxchai Group have built a reputation for quality and trust from customers all over the world. In 1993, Numchai Ice Co., Ltd. was founded to cater the seafood industry in Samut Sakhon and to provide quality retail ice to businesses and restaurants. Our industrial block ice and crushed ice have received standard certifications such as GMP and HACCP. Our consumer ice cubes have also received all food safety certifications and currently serve hundreds of customers in the Samut Sakhon area.

Our Vision

Water and ice are key ingredients used in every home, restaurants, and a large variety of industry. Water is essential for life and is a healthy thirst quencher. Ice is both refreshing and has the ability to retain the freshness of all kinds of products. However, water and ice factories typically consume vast amounts of energy, use a lot of plastics, and have direct impact on our environment.

Our vision is to leverage the latest technologies and lean management principles to become the “Smart Green Water and Ice Factory” of the future and thereby provide our customers with consistent world-class quality, excellent service, and with minimal impact on our planet.

Our Mission

To reach our goal of becoming the “Smart Green Water and Ice Factory” of the future, we have defined our mission as follows:

  • Quality: We will strive to manufacture the highest quality water and ice my making sure that all procedures are precisely controlled and monitored to exact standards.
  • Service: We will strive to provide professional, convenient, fast, and timely service that is underlined by friendliness and wrapped in smiles.
  • Environment: We will strive to reduce the impact on our environment by reducing the use of resources such as water, electricity, and harmful chemical products.

Be Better

Our core values revolve around one concept “Be Better”. Everyone, every day, everywhere, and in every aspect of our work, we strive to be better. We are perpetually in the process of becoming better and better.